Don’t Stay Down!

Wow am so excited to be making this post y’all, this for me indicates a fresh start on so many levels all thanks to the original love of my life, lover of my soul, the God who sees beyond my every flaw and yet still loves me so very dearly.


Yes am this excited, ntoi to the devil 😝!!!!

For quite sometime now I was so certain I will never be able to write about God and my love for Him. I felt so ashamed and basically unworthy of God,  I just felt I had disappointed Him too much and didn’t have any right whatsoever to talk about Him. Why did I feel like this?  Will tell you all about it in a future post by God’s grace.
A couple of times before today I had felt the HolySprit nudge me to write a post but I have been so choked up with activities of late and even when I had the time I gave the excuse of not having time or procrastinate simply because deep down inside me I still felt unqualified.



It’s such a good thing God doesn’t see things/us the way we see things/ourselves. I guess this is why He was able to use Saul who became Paul greatly. Despite all Saul did,  God saw in him a tool fit for His use. Left to humans,  he would have been condemned and written off but God thought and saw otherwise. Hence, Paul was one those who spent and was spent for God. This applies to us as well you know,  even when we don’t see the good in ourselves God does.  Sometimes,  it’s that warrior in you you don’t see but God sees that clearly too.

Let’s briefly take a look at Gideon,  in Judges 6

12. And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, The Lord is with you, you mighty man of [fearless] courage

14. The Lord turned to him and said, Go in this your might, and you shall save Israel from the hand of Midian. Have I not sent you?

15. Gideon said to Him, Oh Lord, how can I deliver Israel? Behold, my clan is the poorest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.

16. The Lord said to him, Surely I will be with you, and you shall smite the Midianites as one man.


That's Right

In verse 12  of Judges 6 , we see how Gideon was addressed as a mighty man of valour,  yet all Gideon could see about himself were the limitations he felt he had. This is a common mistake a lot of us make,  we tend to forget that it’s not because we are qualified that God chooses us, neither is it because we are strong that He calls us. He is the one who qualifies the unqualified,  He is also the one who strengthens the weak. Sincerely,  it’s only God’s grace that can help everyone of us through the Christian journey/race.  On our own we will just keep on messing up and find it almost impossible to get back up. 

Truth is, whenever we go off course sometimes, God isn’t waiting to condemn us, on the contrary He is lovingly waiting for us to get right back on track, it’s no wonder in Matthew 9:12-13 Jesus said;

12. when Jesus heard it, He replied, Those who are strong and well (healthy) have no need of a physician, but those who are weak and sick.

13. Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy [that is, readiness to help those in trouble] and not sacrifice and sacrificial victims. For I came not to call and invite [to repentance] the righteous (those who are upright and in right standing with God), but sinners (the erring ones and all those not free from sin).



So honey,  just in case you are going through the situation of feeling condemned and unworthy of God’s Love,  Mercy and Forgiveness.  It’s time to shake it all off,  ask God for forgiveness of whatever it is and get back on your feet.
After a fall,  your ability to get back up again is very important. Left to the devil,  he will rather have you down and eventually out.  That has always  been his ultimate goal in the first place.  Do not give him that joy. The Lord is always happy whenever any lost sheep returns home.



There no denying,  God has truly shown me His mercy, grace, favor and love all at once. This is why I can boldly put up this post knowing fully well that God approves of me and loves me very dearly no matter what.  Once we begin to live in this reality, the happier and more productive to God’s kingdom we will would be. 

Let’s stop here for today,  will put up another post soon… Kizzessss 😘😘😘

P. s

Guess who has been on an fabulous fitness/weight loss journey…. MEEEEE!!!


The difference is sooo clear!!!  I am healthier, smaller and definitely hotter🔥🔥🔥

Couldn’t have done it without some professional help,  if you are interested in doing same, send a mail to Coach E’ on , I can assure you, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get healthy and fit.  SHALOM!

Avoid Being A Toy; Build Those Muscles 💪💪💪

I used to be that Christian who relied on others to pray for me till I realized that not only was I not helping my prayer and faith life but that I was also putting myself at danger and risk. Even after learning to pray more for myself. I have still had times and situations where the first thing that comes to my mind is “call so and so”.  I don’t need to dig too deep down memory lane to remember one of such occasions. This happened just yesterday,  hence the birth of this post. Something happened and the first thing that came to my mind was, ” call …. to pray ” but just as i was about picking up my phone to place that call,  I heard loud , clear and audibly in my spirit “don’t do that! you haven’t even prayed on your own first, if you keep doing this you would never grow”. Mehn it was so loud and real and I was like kai this God ehen…


Happy Sunday y'all

Any Christian who refuses to develop his or her prayer life will forever be at the milk drinking state and would never attain the bone cracking level. The downside to this is this, as children of God we cannot survive on just drinking milk, we need to develop strong muscles for the task ahead of us.
I remember back then when I hadn’t started developing my prayer life, whenever I come across challenges rather than give my all praying I would frantically start placing calls here and there soliciting for prayers. There were even times I did that first before I prayed at all smh. That just made me weak spiritually and even when I was praying I wasn’t praying as I ought to because I was always with this mentality that no need to labor in prayer since I had others praying for me and along with me…. Helloooo laziness and human dependence… Yuck!


Prayer is the master key

Now please don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking others to join you in prayers concerning a matter, especially if such a person is one you look up to spiritually e.g pastors. However, there is a place for that,  just as there is a place for you yourself to pray through, never allow yourself depend so much on others at the expense of developing yourself else you will pay very dearly for it.
From experience I speak, I learnt the hard way to develop my relationship with God and am still learning on this journey,  we as God’s children can’t stop learning, you can never know it all.  Am not saying my prayer life is perfect,  trust me it’s still a work in progress but one thing I am ensuring is, I won’t stop growing,  I refuse to employ the “I have arrived” mentality.  Some of us after being able to pray for let’s a an hour stretch begin to jubilate,  if you are jubilating how about that person that just spent 5 hours on his or her knees praying fervently?  1 hour of prayers is good but you can still do better.  Keep improving. Even Jesus never stopped improving His prayer tenacity,  He kept praying and growing.



One of the reasons it’s easy for the devil to attack Christians and succeed is because they have refused to develop their spiritual muscles in the place of prayers and effective study and meditation of the word. Sweety,  there is no point in deceiving ourselves, you wanna live victoriously? You gotta work HARD for it!
Another disadvantage of not building your prayer life is, it makes it hard for you to hear from God. God still speaks to His own.  Believe me, so many deep things are revealed in the place of prayer but how do we access this crucial information when our prayer lives is nothing to write home about?  Never forget! That person you are always running to to pray for you instead of praying for yourself didn’t attain that spiritual height in a day,  he or she also worked on developing his or herself to that level. If that is the case why not ditch laziness and be your own prophet?  Why not work hard at growing spiritually so that you won’t end up being the devil’s play thing!


Pray Without Ceasing

Like I said before it’s not wrong to ask someone to pray for you but it yields better results if the person isn’t just praying for you but along with you,  you get my drift? We really need to be careful and wise in this end times,  just as there are genuine men of God out there,  so are many false prophets. This harsh truth has made so many fall into errors and troubles they needn’t have if only they had worked on developing their prayer life and relationship with God.  Because of their inability to pray through and hear from God themselves they have been misled by those they contracted to do so for them.  If genuine men of God can sometimes miss it and make mistakes a times then what do you expect of a false prophet? Be wise!!!


Very True

Having said all this, I have good news for us all,  it’s never to late to start working on and developing our prayer lives and our general relationship with God, you can start now!  Are you already on this path?  Then please keep it up,  with God there is always always a room to go up higher,  always room to attain deeper intimacy with Him,  always room for growth.

Let me conclude by saying this, “It is no joke! A prayerless Christian is a POWERLESS Christian! ”


Pure Truth!

Shalom Darlings,
Mwuahhhhhhhh! 😘😘😘
Always Remember God Loves You,  Yes You!!!

30 Day Blogging Challenge Completed!!!

Hello Loves,  How have you been?  I bet some of you thought I wouldn’t complete the 30 day blogging challenge,  guess what??? You thought wrong! *tongueout* . Am Determined 💪💪💪💪💪. So let’s finish this

# Day16- My Thoughts on Education

As opposed to the thoughts of some people that education is a waste of time because it seems the trend these days is that uneducated people make alot of money despite their lack of education, I sincerely believe education is essential and important.  Education if applied as it ought to, will forever give one an edge in many aspects of life.

# Day17- My Favorite Blogs

My favorite blogs are;
– https:// su4christ

Hoping I got this links correctly…

# Day18- A Photograph of Me


Love Me

# Day19- My Favorite Movie

Am a movie person so that would make me one who has many favorite movies.  Here are some of my favorite movies;
Three Idiots, The Grinch That Stole Christmas, God’s Not Dead,  Heaven is Real, The War Room, Home Alone Series, 

# Day20- What Makes Me Happy

Helping people makes me extremely happy,  Watching Cartoons and Animations,  Cooking,  Travelling,  Sightseeing, Making my Hair and Making my nails,  Window Shopping and Actual Shopping e.t.c. 

# Day21- What Makes Me Sad

Poverty!!! Seeing people in distress and suffering really hurts me bad, I literally cry especially when I really want to help out and I can’t, it just makes me feel helpless and depressed.

# Day22- My Worst Habits

Let’s see ; chewing ice cubes i guess….hmmm not sure

# Day23- If I Won The Lottery

Would be spending 70% on the needy and missionary works (That’s why am here on earth). The rest I would use on personal items and a good vacation. 

# Day24- What Attracts Me [In Love]

Intelligence ooo,  me can’t deal a  low IQ am sorry! Like one who commands authority and respect even without saying much + you gotta be able to challenge me. I also love good command of English and a dapper fashion sense.

# Day25- My Biggest Regret

Hmmmmmm not sure I have any.

# Day26- My Hidden Talent

Not yet discovered.

# Day27- What’s In My Closet

Clothes,  shoes,  bags,  purses,  jewelries,  perfumes,  creams,  soapes,  pads/tampon… e.t.c

# Day28- My Most Embarrassing Moments

Don’t have any I can remember at the moment

# Day29- A Confession

I have no confessions,  Am practically an open book.

# Day30- My Hopes For My Blog

I hope to have my blog read worldwide. I also hope for my blog to be a go to place for people to find hope, courage, comfort, solace and Godly way outs and ultimately find God and fall totally in love with Him.

It’s Testimony Time!!!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah is me laughing so hard at the devil cus his plans over my life has yet again been truncated. I have so much joy in my heart this morning and I just can’t even begin to thank God enough. No one, I mean absolutely no one can love me like Abba!  Few weeks back I was ill and after two days I remember testifying of God healing me.  You can just imagine my surprise when after two days interval this illness from the pit of hell returned and this time around oh my! I tell you sweeties I have never and will never again see anything like it.

Initially I thought it was a joke o, till it got real. Eventually I had no choice but to run a test. A combo of malaria, typhoid, severe cough and anemia!!!  Say what!!!  All this for one person?! I didn’t need a prophet to tell me this was no time to let the devil run around having a filled day.
Sincerely what am most thankful for is God’s constant help, love and mercy through it all. It was such a battle, thank God for having Him as an ally, if not who am I to have battled alone.


Great God

I had skyhigh temperatures, serve coughing, chest pain, vomiting,  headbanging, ears ringing and oh yes hallucinations (after a few days I began hallucinating) but through it all God held me so tight and strong, helped me to sing praises to Him from time to time.  Even at times when the devil came with the evil thoughts of “just give up,  you are dying, this is the end… ” God was right there pushing me from my inner man to counter those evil thoughts. 

Sincerely and in all honesty, I couldn’t have possibly done it on my own.  It was God all the way.
A great lesson I learnt from this is, God never leaves His own with no help,  He just knew I would need help through it all and He sent me help, not just any help but the kind of help He knew I needed. My mum who wouldn’t normally be around came around just a day before the whole drama began. When I was too faint to pray, she held my hands and prayed with me and over me, atimes when I would utter words of discomfort or pain and even discouragement, she would say “why don’t you just say “thank you Jesus instead” or “why don’t you say by His stripes I healed”. 
I remember one night in particular I couldn’t breathe, I was practically gasping to get some air in my lungs, rather than allow fear, she prayed with me and said we would both be having a night of High praise by midnight and I should get ready because I must participate with all my might despite how weak I felt. Shattttttahhhhh! Talk about a “Warrior Mom”!!!


Awesome God!

Yes she did all the dotting, pampering and loving a mother would do but above all that, she did the ultimate-  STOOD in battle with me! And guess who stationed her around me at such a crucial time- GOD!!! Mehn my father is such an intentional father. He is forever and ever on point.

For all this and more,  I can write today and declare over and over and over and over and over till eternity – My God is forever a WINNER!!!!


Nothing But Joy!

Got nothing but joy my people, have yourselves a fabulous day darlings, SHALOM!

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge Continued…

Here’s the continuation of the 30 days blogging challenge, by God’s grace I will catch up on the backlog I had on the challenge today.

# Day11- 10 Favorite Foods
My favorite foods in no particular order are;

1. Spaghetti Bolognese (oyinbo and fancy names sha)

2. Rice and Chicken Gravy sauce

3. Afang soup and fufu

4. Ofe Nsala and any swallow asides semovita (don’t eat any semo whether its Vita or Lina)

5. Yam or unripe plantain porridge with lots of veges, fish and shrimps

6. Chinese Fried Rice

7. Amala , Efo Riro and goat meat

8. Boiled Yam and Egg

9. Ikokore ( water yam porridge)

10. Cakes and Ice Creams (now I have to look away most times bcus of my weight loss journey)




Sinful pleaaure!

# Day12- My Favorite Childhood Books

Read soo many books as a child thanks to my mum who “me time” was alien to. I enjoyed all books written by Charles Dickens. Also I enjoyed some Shakespeare’s books (I mean the ones I could understand) believe me she got us reading so early. Then there was this book I read in primary school I never forgot it- “Kokubaboni” not so sure I got the spelling right but it was one book I still haven’t forgotten the plot.

# Day13- What’s In My Fridge
The items that grace my fridge vary from time to time but presently here are the things in my fridge;

1. Scotch bonnet (Rodo)
2. Water
3. Ca-c 1000
4. Okro or Okra
5. Jollof Rice
6. Beef Stew
7. Soya Milk
8. Aloe Vera Gel
9. Apples
10. Ice cubes
11. vegetables

# Day14- 3 Healthy Habits

1. I drink lots of water

2. I source and go for natural remedies than over the counter drugs

3. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables


Oh la la



# Day15- Where Will I Be In 5 Years

I have a perfectly vivid picture of where I will like to be five years from now. However, the truth is no matter my plans and vision, only God knows where exactly I will be 5 years from now cus only God holds the complete blueprint of my life. That doesn’t mean I am not keeping my vision in sight and walking/working towards it.

Yaaayyyyyy caught up with the challenge. Now I can do one challenge per day.



My Eyes On Fleek

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge

My love for following wonderful blogs led me to a 30 day blogging challenge on Tamie’s Alcove, I promised myself I was going to partake in it for a couple of reasons. I knew blogging for 30 days straight was gonna be some work considering all I have going on, hence I like told myself I would do it, just to prove to myself I can. Despite my determination to, so many more things came up from bad network for days to me falling ill….anyways thank God all is well again. Ok Let me attempt this challenge compressing as many days as I can in one post.

# Day1-Blog Name

Blog Name- More than Average

This blog was created sometime in April 2015, come to think of it, it is a product of a 30 day blogging challenge on a friend’s blog. Prior to the challenge I have been toying with the idea of owning a blog but I just never got around it. After seeing the blogging challenge on my friend’s blog it just felt so right to start my own blog and join the challenge.
The name More than Average came to me long before owing a blog, it is the name I intend calling a compilation of little articles I have written over the years, so naming my blog same is just an extension of that.
A lot of people sell themselves short in terms of being more than average. However, I strongly believe we all can be a lot more than just average in Christ. You see one of man’s greatest enemies is complacency and complacency has made so many settle for below average or average. This is why I know the right thing to do is let people realise we can be More than Average.



# Day2- 20 Facts About Me

Ermmm…20? Ok , this will be a combo of the weird, random, normal…facts about me

1. I detest it when strangers or someone am not so close to use pet names on me, oh gosh!!! It reallllllyyyy ticks me off. In the past I have deleted people off my social media just because of that. God is helping me to be a lil more tolerant these days sha.

2. I am super crazy about kids. Nothing beats their innocence, chubby tiny/small fingers, powder/lotion/food smelling bodies and very honest tongues hahaha I mean how can you be sad around them?

3. This next fact should be expected; I lurvvvvvv cartoons/kiddies programs. Even when am not hanging out with my lil buddies, I find myself tunning to kiddies channels.

4. I have a sometimes annoying mothering streak, for some weird reason I baby people around me and find myself wanting to fix everything, care for everyone even when sometimes it’s at my expense.

5. I have an ice chewing addiction, yes, I chew an average of 20-35 ice cubes per day (I seriously hope there is no medical downside to that).

6. I can thank for Africa chaii, don’t know if any of you has ever visited a local saloon where as you make your hair the apprentice keeps telling you “Eku ijoko ma or well-done ma” over and over again. You know how tiring that can be. Now picture me telling you thank you for a deed in such a manner.

7. I am somewhat a perfectionist and so if things don’t go the way I plan or think it should go, that’s a biggie for me.

8. I like to see the best in everyone but that hasn’t exactly turned out well for me

9. I am at my happiest whenever I am being of service to people. Dunno just makes me feel relevant and like some angel #grin

10. Another addiction of mine will be Pepper…I love pepper a lot. I remember being diagnosed with ulcer (Three different Doctor’s opinions fa), I remember consuming more pepper than I ever did before the diagnosis, so ulcer ran away! Lol just kidding wasn’t the pepper that drove the ulcer away, God healed me. Anyway that’s how much I love a spicy meal.

11. I am very adventures with food and so I would try out almost anything and then decide if I like it or not, I love to cook and try out different recipes hence #FoodNetwork is one of my favorite channels on dstv.

12. I love travelling and sight seeing a lot. Travelling all over the world is a long term goal.

13. I love water, lurvvvvvvv the beach, the smell of the beach is just divine! Owning a beach front house wouldn’t be bad atall!

14. When I was much younger I loved to sleep ehen! So bad it was like I got bitten by tsetse fly.  However, that suddenly changed for me some 6/7years ago. Right now I have been nicknamed; owl, kerosine, insomnia president…..smh

15. I am in love with the tenor saxophone. It’s one instrument I have always loved. Working on getting one real soon.

16. I love color red, I have bought so many unneeded items simply because it’s red. God help me o

17. Anything strawberry is a hit for me. I love strawberry jams, drinks, cakes, fragrances, soaps…..

18. I have the same cell number for over 11 years now

19. Prayer walks is bae. Praying while walking in a very quiet and undisturbed environment is one thing I love.

20. No matter what it takes, I am super committed to making heaven by God’s grace.



# Day3- Favorite Quote

I have many favorite quotes but my most fave will have to be Mark 10:27.

“…..With men [it is] impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.”

It is just a quote so full of unlimited possibilities.

# Day4- Dream Job

That will be a job that involves service to people/helping people. Gladly, there are soooo many jobs that fit that profile.

# Day5- Proudest Moment

Had proud moments but still looking forward to that “Proudest Moment”

# Day6- What am afraid of

Asides being sooooooo afraid of failure, am afraid of fire as well, we once had our house engulfed by fire and since then I have been scared of fire. What am most afraid of is not fulfilling my purpose here on earth. I want to die empty. I refuse to enrich the grave.

# Day7- My 5 Favorite Songs

My 5 fave songs for this point of my life are;
1. Mma mma- Frank Edwards
2. Miracle Worker- Glowreeyah
3. Praise Lorowaku- Hadunni
4. Pulling Me Through- Todd Dulaney
5. Majesty- Michael W. Smith


Music is Life

# Day8- 5 Current Goals

1. Not to Give up in any area of my life. It a daily and constant work/walk.
2. Lose More Weight
3. Working on bettering my spiritual life; praying more, praising and worshiping more, hearing and meditating on the word more, being more humble, being less and less judgmental…..e.t.c, all this I am doing through God’s help of course.
4. Downloading more codes and blueprints for my life from God…
5. Working on exploring my talents and potentials to the fullest

# Day9- What’s in My Bag/Wallet

I carry both bags and wallets it just depends on where I am off to, however, I will pick a bag over a wallet cus I find myself needing so many things.
My bag usually contains; baby wipes, makeup wipes, a lot of makeup and application brushes, sweets, gums, a purse, perfumes, Biro, pencil, organizer, safety pin, office pin, tampoons, any book am currently reading, my phones, chargers, tab, earrings, rings, bead projects, keys, biscuit occasionally, toilet roll, super glue…..and probably a house somewhere inside it.


My Bag Looks Something Like This

# Day 10- Best Trip Of My Life

Taken a couple of good trips but am definitely yet to take my best trip. Looking toward to it.

Let me stop here on this particular post. I will continue and catch up soon. Till then remain Triumphant!!


How Dare You Die….!!!

Today I woke up in a somewhat reflective mood, I just had one of those moments where I try to take stock of my life, deep in thought my mind wondered to certain events that took place in the past weeks.



As I reflected deeper, the death of Muhammad Ali and Stephen Keshi come into my mind. I remember when the news of their passing away came to light, for quite a number of people it came as a shock like most deaths. Or maybe some close to them might have expected it, it still doesn’t change one fact-  no man really knows the hour, the minute, the second…NO ONE KNOWS!


Stephen Keshi



A good number of people took to the social media to express their sadness over the loss, eulogies were written all over…practically everyone had one thing or the other to say. Why was this so? This is because these men made their impacts felt. These men during their life time attained great heights in their chosen professions and impacted several lives in their own way. Many looked up to them, many were/inspired by them. Put simply, this world can’t deny they were here.



I just couldn’t help but look inwards, this got me thinking about my life and what legacies I would leave this world. I mean what’s the point of being here, if one leaves this world without having one’s impact being felt. So many come to this world, leave and no one can really say they were here. Even the unseen breeze can be felt, so why will anyone want to live a life without purpose? This is just all so wrong. We didn’t come to play or just loaf about. God certainly didn’t create anyone to come to this world to operate on “Ghost Mode”. This is one of the reasons why he gave EVERYONE at least a talent. This talents aren’t meant to be buried like the servant in Matthew 25:18, 24-28 did. God gifted us talent/s so that we could use it/them to impact our world. How dare you die without impacting the world around you!!!


Love this quote

Seriously, what will you be remembered for if you were to pass away today? Is it for your makeup that’s always on fleek? your designer clothes or bag? your kicks? your dapper dress sense? your rides? your ability to pop those bottles? Mehn! ain’t nothing eternal about those! Neither can they be considered as legacies.



I think, no I KNOW it’s high time we all begin to aim for better, to do better with this precious life given to us, this precious life Jesus paid so very dearly for. It is high time you and I began doing our own bit in making the world a much better place. No time o my brother and sister, from the moment we were conceived the time began ticking against us. Remember this nursery rhyme;  “Tick says the clock, Tick! Tick!! What you have to do, DO QUICK!!!”


Time Is Life

Finally, I would like to remind us all, God hates fruitlessness, a life that doesn’t bear fruit can be cut short at anytime. Let us make our lives really count.

Matthew 3:10
“10. And already the ax is lying at the root of the trees; every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”

Shalom sweeties,


Yipeeeeeee!!! It’s Children’s Day

Happy Children’s day sweeties, I know some of us will be quick to say “I am not child”, if you are one of such people am happy to inform you, you are wrong, no matter your age, you are always gon be your parents child. Perhaps in your own case you have lost a parent or both parents, I have Good news for you love, we have an heavenly father and He will remain from everlasting to everlasting.



Now in line with today’s Children’s Day Celebration, I will like to drop this thoughts of mine with you all. Anyone who knows me well knows I am a big sucker for kids especially kids between ages 0-10yrs, everything about them fascinates me, this has even made me consider going into child education severally (that’s a story for another day though). I over the years have learnt a lot from kids, as a matter of fact a child sometime ago inspired this quote of mine.



As we celebrate our kids today, please let’s all join hands to make them the very best God wants them to be. We all have crucial parts to play even if we aren’t parents yet and even if the kid around you isn’t your child or relative. It’s no news the devil is after our kids because they are the future and a huge threat to his kingdom. Let’s make it our responsibility to help them fight this battle against their lives and destiny.

Truthfully no child is too young or too naive to be taught and guided on rights, wrongs and the ways of God. Just day before yesterday I was playing with my neighbor’s 2 year old son and something struck me during our time together, I noticed he likes to call everyone ” honey “. His vocabulary is quite limited but our little chitchat was all pleasant. This is a clear indication of what he has been exposed to. It was sooooooo obvious his parents are outrightly Godfearing and had began to impact that in him.


Join the battle

Whatever we say, do or let the kids around us watch is very important. It rubs off on them a great deal , so we need to be really careful about what we expose them to.
Let me give you another example, this happened sometime back, my godson was about 3years old then, most times when his mum and I talk, we converse in yoruba most especially if it’s something we don’t want him to hear. Little did we know we were on a long thing. This we continued till one day, His mum asked him a question in English and dude replied in Yoruba! Say what?!!!! His mum asked him the question again and he answered yet again in Yoruba. Our shock that day is best left to imagination.
I learnt something very important on that day, if you don’t want that child knowing about it, don’t mention it in front of him/her, don’t do it in front of them.



Guard/Guide that child with all you have, I repeat, it doesn’t matter if he/she is yours or not. Watch what you say and do around them, screen what they read or watch, be approachable and accessible so that whenever they need to talk they aren’t scared to. Be very observant and watchful, so that when they start to exhibit certain traits you catch on fast. Above all be very prayerful, pray for them and follow God’s leadings. Our kids are a collective responsibility.

Please visit to download the 31 days PDF Devotional for Warrior Moms.

It’s not for moms alone, there are insights for everyone in the devotional, so please, let’s start using our data bundles wisely, visit her blog and download the devotional.

God bless us
Mwuahhhh Mwuahhhh Mwuahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Let me tell ya what STUPID is!!!

If this doesn’t minister to y’all, I dunno what will

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Oh look at the (stupid) people enjoying life in Zion. Those on Mt. Samaria who feel so safe. Voted, ‘Numero uno’. You are a VIP in an equally VIP Nation. People come to you for advice. 
Well, wake up and look around. Go look at Calneh, Hamath, Gath, etc. Are you better or larger than them? Compared to them, you ain’t much!!!
You refuse to admit that a day of disaster is coming, but what you do (which is basically NOTHING) only brings that day closer. How terrible it will be for you that stretch out on your luxurious couches, feasting on wine and stuff…using the finest perfumes, playing music upandan, but you do not mourn over Israel’s ruin. You are indifferent to the fate of others…
Amos 6:1-6 PHP

You have to love, as in REALLY fall deliriously in LOVE with the Bible. Tz so complete, tz completely unreal!!!

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He Still Speaks…

Sometime this evening I was feeling kinda blue, I tried shaking it off but the feeling was tryna stick like glue smh! Thing is, I have had to deal with quite a number of challenges this past few months including my health and boy! it’s been God doing all the work and giving me the much needed strength to stay warring and on top!  
So with the many thoughts running through my mind I found myself feeling somewhat down.


However through that feeling, I all of a sudden just felt like singing, I felt a bubbling on my inside and just like that a song dropped in my spirit…

“I sing because am happy, I sing because I am free…His eyes is on the sparrow,  I know He watches me…”


Ok let's be honest, didn't sing with such enthusiasm

As I sang I felt some level of peace flood over me but yet I was still a lil restless even though I was so determined not to stay down. See, I have learnt long ago not to give the devil the pleasure of seeing me unhappy. Seeing us unhappy is one of the pleasures the devil enjoys, God forbid I let him use me to catch trips. I just kept on singing and after a while, it just felt right for me to do some word studying, so I picked up my bible just to meditate a little on the word.

Now what’s fascinating about what happened next was that, I didn’t have a particular chapter or verse in mind as I opened my bible but found myself opening to Luke 12. As I read through that chapter, I didn’t need any prophet to tell me God was reassuring me of  His faithfulness towards me, reminding me He loves me so very much and that no matter what may be happening right now, He has got my back 100%. He reminded me again about how very important I am to Him.


Very True

Now let’s take a look at some of the verses I came across ;
Luke 12: 6-7, 25-31

6. Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And [yet] not one of them is forgotten or uncared for in the presence of God.

7. But [even] the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not be struck with fear or seized with alarm; you are of greater worth than many [flocks] of sparrows.

25. And which of you by being overly anxious and troubled with cares can add a cubit to his stature or a moment [unit] of time to his age [the length of his life]?

26. If then you are not able to do such a little thing as that, why are you anxious and troubled with cares about the rest?

27. Consider the lilies, how they grow. They neither [wearily] toil nor spin nor weave; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory (his splendor and magnificence) was not arrayed like one of these. [I Kings 10:4-7.]

28. But if God so clothes the grass in the field, which is alive today, and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, how much more will He clothe you, O you [people] of little faith?

29. And you, do not seek [by meditating and reasoning to inquire into] what you are to eat and what you are to drink; nor be of anxious (troubled) mind [unsettled, excited, worried, and in suspense];

30. For all the pagan world is [greedily] seeking these things, and your Father knows that you need them.

31. Only aim at and strive for and seek His kingdom, and all these things shall be supplied to you also.



Woooowwwwww,  I will never get over the feeling of excitement and peace I get anytime God gives me a word. As I read this verses I felt hope come alive again and again and again. I mean,  what more did I need to be told. God in a nutshell just told me; “Not to worry babygirl, Daddy’s got you!”

You know, the beautiful thing about the bible is that, it doesn’t apply to just one person, the bible is for every child of God and so God’s words and promises isn’t just for me but for you and I.

Isn’t it just amazing how God looks out for us, isn’t it just so wonderful that we need not worry about anything. All we need to concern ourselves with is seeking His kingdom and His righteousness and then leave God to worry about every single thing we need. I mean everyyyyyyyyy single thing. Trust me,  with God nothing is too trivial or too big. He cares about all our needs and wants.


Most Important

Sweety, it really doesn’t matter what’s going on with you, God is very dependable in every circumstance and situation. God knows, not only does He know, He cares, not only does He care, He is wiling to do something about it, above all He CAN and WILL to do something about it.
Just keep on trusting Him, refuse to give worry a place, keep warring in prayers and never forget, Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS!

I leave you with this scripture to ponder over dearies;

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a
person’s strength.” Prov 17:22 (NLT)

I love you all,  mwuahhhhh!